Design by Committee

About Us

Committee is a conversion-focused design & research agency founded in 2018. We we always strive to provide meaningful outcomes and lasting value for our clients.

Here’s what sets us apart from the competition:

We are honest

We’re designers first and foremost, not salespeople. We promise only what we know we can deliver, and we won’t try to sell you services you don’t need or tack on extraneous fees.

We give you our attention

Larger agencies spread staff thin on dozens of projects, resulting in less-than-stellar work. We limit our projects so we can devote our energy to producing well-researched, thoughtful designs.

We’re conversion-focused

With years of professional experience in conversion rate optimization (CRO), UX design, A/B testing, and strategic marketing, we know how to influence visitor behavior to increase conversions.

We truly care

We’re extremely selective about the projects we take on, and it’s essential to us that we align morally and ethically with our clients’ objectives. If we decide to work together, we’re committed to your success.